forensic hard copy
What is forensic hard copy?

    Forensic Hard Copy, is a Linux distribution, bootable CD (LiveCD), exclusively created to automate and speed up the copy of the storage devices. These procedures of copy are commonly in use in computer forensics. In computer science is orthodox practice, acquire data from the offending media in order to protect them from any alteration or damage, then later analyze the identical copy. The project was created to meet the operational needs of the police involved in investigations, the technical consultants (CTU) and part IT(CTU), ensuring the durability and the use of evidence in computer science criminal trial.

    Has been used open source software, open-source scripts and to give all users the ability to understand, if necessary, the actual operation of the software in the process of copying or image acquisition. The process has been automated through a script-wizard that guides you step by step in the copy of a support. The new release has a 2.6.32 kernel which has a wide compatibility with controllers and disks. The recognition is done through media connections IDE, SATA, Firewire and USB, so you can also copy data to external media to the machine being analyzed.